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Resume Day

My resume work is starting to pick up. I think a lot of people like to look for new jobs at the turn of the year, which is good for business on my end. Makes for busy weekends, though! πŸ™‚ I’m glad I have other writing work to do until I hear back about other projects, and it’s always good to listen to and talk to people about their career pursuits, so I am not too into my own head. People are so ambitious and visionary. They make the world interesting and beautiful.

Have a great, productive day!

Alphaville – Forever Young


Partially Reading

I have been trying to read more lately. When I finished my ms, I was so burned out, I think, and I am just now getting back into the swing of reading again. I’m working on an old book by Irving Shulman called THE AMBOY DUKES. I have been really slow about reading it, but when I do, I am instantly transported. The man was a masterful writer.

Oh! I almost forgot! I had a literary agent request a partial on the manuscript I submitted, so that’s good news. Maybe it’ll turn into something good. I have been revamping my query to try to get it as sparkly as possible. Seems to be working. πŸ™‚

Have a great Tuesday, and a song.


Writing is Tough.

I sometimes post on a writers’ forum; posted this yesterday and thought I’d put it here, too. Kill two birds with one stone kind of thing. πŸ™‚ Anyway, I hope you all have an excellent week of writing, reading, and discovering. Go get em!

Writing is tough. Writing well is tougher. It takes a ton of time at the keyboard, journal, and books, books, books to develop your writing skill. It doesn’t ever get easy per se, but you develop momentum and stamina over time the more you do it. It’s like physical exercise and just as arduous, and like physical exercise, you must try to write every day to see results.

Start small, though, and work your way up. I used to hear the dictum “you must do 2k a day” and try to immediately push myself into that regimen. It didn’t work for me; it felt like I was forcing out work instead of really writing the story I wanted to tell. Start small. Write until you are satisfied, and then go do something else. Just make sure you show up the next day and try some more. Eventually it will take over if you work at it and you will write more and more at each sitting, and feel really good about it.

Writing is also thinking, planning, researching, reading, discussing; it’s a really organic thing that grows and your actual words-to-the-page output, at least for me, is usually the result of a lot of other work.

Enjoy it as much as you can, and as far as writing fancy, unless that is your natural voice, don’t try to jam your brain into a style of language you perceive as “writerly” because it’ll just sound false and make you feel miserable. (Been there.) Write using only your at-hand vocabulary, even if it sounds utility and basic to you, use it. It’s not basic to everyone else. Your perspective is what you bring to the page, even if you are writing through the voices of your characters, you are the one seeing the story — use your words.

Your vocabulary should develop further with more reading, and pay attention to what you read. Dissect it at grammatical, dramatic, and structural levels, and then try to forget all of that and just enjoy it. Don’t be tempted to poach the thesaurus to find ornamental language. Use your thesaurus only to cut word repetition; don’t go searching for a word to spice it up and make it sound fancy. Just write the words that come to mind.

TL;DR — Write what you know with your own voice. If you want to be a writer, you must write. There is no other way around it. Do the work, reap the rewards.

The Fighter’s Market

I picked up the 2014 WRITER’S MARKET last night. What a bargain at $9.90 on Kindle, seriously. This has everything writer needs to know about how the markets work and the best ways to approach and submit to literary agents and publishers of books, magazines, comics, the works. What a great resource. I haven’t seriously read the markets since 2003, and what a change in 11 years. Even the way that queries look and read are different. It’s helped me a lot to brush up my submission package, get some synergy between the query letter, synopsis, and sample chapters.

On another note, I am going to enter my manuscript in the 83rd Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition. Entry is $25.00 to sign up by May 4, 2014. Get in the ring, writing. Time to kick ass.

Lots of work to do. I hope your adventures today bring you closer to your goals, reader friends.


Self-Publishing. It Could Be the Way to Go…

So far today I have read articles with Hugh Howey and Lawrence Block, both saying self-publishing has helped their careers… Makes me wonder if that’s the way to go…

On the query front, I have submitted to 17 agents and collected two rejections and so far no requests for partial or full manuscripts. This is my first week of querying in years, so I’m having to get used to it again. Looking forward to some weekend R&R.

And the most obvious Friday song ever…


But What’s the THEME?!

I’m trying to see about a new WordPress theme, one that more reflects the style of my book, which is a paranormal/psychological horror story. I can’t seem to find any themes that have blood and skulls. Guess I’ll have to keep this blog family-friendly for now. Today, I am swamped with work, so I leave you with a song and wish you a fantastic day, reader friends.


Read ’em and Weep!

Gah! Incoming! Got my first rejection on the submitted MS. Rejection is an acquired taste, I think. One of those things that tastes really bad at first, like your first beer. Remember that thing? Ptooey! A fine beer is one of the major spices of life now, though, right? So maybe manuscript rejection will taste like beer later? Bring it on! Rejection with constructive feedback, ah! would probably be likeΒ foie gras – which I have never eaten, but is pate of goose liver, I believe. *WikiGoogie* It is! Sounds pretty gross, though. Poor ducks and geese. I want a steak.

SONG OF THE DAY: Paul Oakenfold – Ready Steady Go (HQ) –

It’s a Wrap

Tonight I finished writing the manuscript I have been on since late last year. Super psyched. Feeling relieved and accomplished. Time for some R&R…soon.