Is This Thing On?

It’s not stylish to start anything with a disclaimer, but this is my blog and I make the rules. Capiche?

DISCLAIMER! It’s not natural for me to talk about me. I like to talk about other people – in good ways. I write resumés for a living, so talking about other people is something I’ve learned to do passably well. See, now I’m blabbing about myself and I’m all self-conscious about it. It’s a stage-fright feeling, and writing is a lot like getting up on a stage and talking, and until I can instinctively relax by envisioning everyone else in the room in nothing but skivvies and black socks, I’m going to sweat talking about myself.

I’m a writer. Did I tell you guys that? Yes, a resumé writer, that’s right. Well, I write more than resumés, see. I write fiction, too, and up until now, I’ve kept it all pretty hush-hush and stayed down in my dojo playing keyboard kung-fu for oh, going on about ten years now. A few times during this DECADE of writing, I’ve stuck my chalky, sun-starved face out of my cave, checked my shadow, tested my work against the market, swallowed the requisite dosage of harsh, helpful, and politely indifferent rejection from publishers and agents, and got back down to writing – after the wounds healed. (I’m not going to lie. On bad days, I get sensitive as a tender lady when I’m submitting work and collecting rejections.)

Yep, ten years of back-bending, largely thankless work (personal gratification excluded), and as it goes with writing, music, and every other creative pursuit, all the work, the mighty uphill slog could end up meaning jack shit. Or, all those poppy songs about chasing your dreams really will guide me to some funk-nastified disco-ball wonderland of published awesomeness. However it turns out, I’m going to share it here and shamelessly use all of you, everyone who visits and reads this blog, you’re going to get me over my stage fright.

Why are you looking at me like that? Do I have something in my teeth?

SONG OF THE DAY: Doin’ it Right. – Daft Punk (ft. Panda Bear)

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