Read ’em and Weep!

Gah! Incoming! Got my first rejection on the submitted MS. Rejection is an acquired taste, I think. One of those things that tastes really bad at first, like your first beer. Remember that thing? Ptooey! A fine beer is one of the major spices of life now, though, right? So maybe manuscript rejection will taste like beer later? Bring it on! Rejection with constructive feedback, ah! would probably be like foie gras – which I have never eaten, but is pate of goose liver, I believe. *WikiGoogie* It is! Sounds pretty gross, though. Poor ducks and geese. I want a steak.

SONG OF THE DAY: Paul Oakenfold – Ready Steady Go (HQ) –

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Fiction Writer. World Builder. Likes Books, Words, Ideas. Loves Family, Friends, Food.

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