The Fighter’s Market

I picked up the 2014 WRITER’S MARKET last night. What a bargain at $9.90 on Kindle, seriously. This has everything writer needs to know about how the markets work and the best ways to approach and submit to literary agents and publishers of books, magazines, comics, the works. What a great resource. I haven’t seriously read the markets since 2003, and what a change in 11 years. Even the way that queries look and read are different. It’s helped me a lot to brush up my submission package, get some synergy between the query letter, synopsis, and sample chapters.

On another note, I am going to enter my manuscript in the 83rd Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition. Entry is $25.00 to sign up by May 4, 2014. Get in the ring, writing. Time to kick ass.

Lots of work to do. I hope your adventures today bring you closer to your goals, reader friends.


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