I Propose a New Literary Genre: Urban Monomyth

Urban Monomyth. This is how I would categorize my tastes in urban fantasy, books that show true hero characters enduring their journeys to destiny, about people in their homes and cities colliding with the spectacular world of fantasy. Thus, “Urban.”

“Monomyth” is a term used by the great Joseph Campbell, who borrowed it from James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake to describe the basic cycle of the hero’s journey. If you work in storytelling and you haven’t ever encountered Campbell, you must meet the man. He is THE authority when it comes to literary analysis of epic stories. The monomyth is a basic and at the same time relatively complex archetypal cycle that the hero/heroine endures in their quest.

Urban Monomyth. You heard it here first.

Here’s a diagram, but there is a lot of free information on the Web about monomyth. Also, get your hands on a copy of The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell. Explore and learn!



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