Must-Have List: Indie Book Reviewers

Last week, I posted a list of of book review Web sites and when I went to start submitting my book to the list’s linked sites, I found many were down. Then, I noticed the link I posted is from like 2010! 😦 Oops! So, I fished up a more current and extensive list courtesy of The Indie Review. Here’s the link to the list:

A pro tip I’ve learned about querying anyone about your book: Personalize the communication. Spend time on the reviewer’s blog, find out what they like to read and their style of review. If it suits you, submit your query per the reviewer’s submission guidelines, expressing why you are interested in them as a reviewer and why they would be interested in your book. ALWAYS follow submission instructions and – ESPECIALLY – be polite and professional, even if you get turned down for a review. The whole “you get more bees with honey than vinegar” thing.

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