Writing Tip: Read your book out loud.

When you are writing and revising your book and finish a scene or chapter, it’s good to read it aloud to catch any grammar or spelling issues. Reading your manuscript aloud also helps to form natural dialogue by allowing you to catch jagging or halting turns of speech. You really shouldn’t skip this step of actually hearing your text because books are read aloud all of the time. It’s a must in the quality process.

But, reading your book aloud sucks, doesn’t it? I think it does. For awhile, it’s okay, but then it’s boring and tiresome if you are writing and revising for hours and hours. My secret weapon is to use a text-to-speech reader and let the computer read the book to me. I follow along and make edits accordingly.

The computer will never have the same inflection as the human voice, but it will help with the rhythm of words, syllables, and general mistakes. The best program for this, I have found, is IVONA MiniReader. Enjoy.


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