4 Signs That You’re Not Writing Enough…

I snagged this article off of Chuck Palahniuk’s Twitter page. For those who don’t know, Chuck is the notorious author of FIGHT CLUB and occasionally tweets links to really good writing advice, like this: 4 Signs That You’re Not Writing Enough…and 4 Things You Can Do About It by Naturi Thomas-Millard.

From the article:

Ah, the tyranny of the blank page. That cursor at the top of an empty screen like a blinking middle finger. It can be tough going to write, and write often, when you know that when you finish, there won’t be any applause. There might not be acceptance. Heck, it might not even get read by anyone except for you and your roommate who’s just being nice because he owes you $20.

But at the end of the day, we write because we need to, because the characters in our heads want us to. Because we have a story to tell to a world that needs telling. And no one can tell it like you.


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